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Genuine Presence

Ann Strickland is one of those people who walks in a room and  makes it brighter, lighter and easeful. She’s a talented musician, encouraging teacher, wise mentor, and devoted community member. She brings warmth, humility and enthusiasm to everything she places her attention. Ann’s genuine presence is something special and it doesn’t matter if you are 9 or 90 years old — she can bring out the best in you.


Jen Breen, owner Bainbridge Yoga House

becoming Whole Again

Ann uses music as a vehicle to help people become whole again - no matter where they start. And when I hear her play, I feel the calling of my own wholeness speaking to me in my heart. 


Dr. Astrid Pujari., physician, teacher, spiritual leader

Grounded Spirituality

Ann's ability to intuitively grasp the tone of an event and to richly express its purpose through resource materials and ritual make her a  valuable partner in planning and coordinating spiritual events and retreats. Well organized and attentive to every detail, she's also creative and spontaneous, attuned to the teachable moment and the potential for transformation in real time. Her musicality and grounded spirituality are gifts that enhance gatherings, bringing even the most reluctant participants into the circle.


Valerie Reinke | Episcopal Diocese of Olympia

Joy in the Moment

Music teacher Ann has created a space for both my teenagers to come and play music with no expectations other than experienceing joy in the moment.


—Tova, parent